Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life is a series of choices.

Do you like who you are? Great, decide to stay on that path. Do you hate things about yourself? Stop deciding to be that way then. A lot of people feel as if they are being pulled around by life, never stopping to realize that they are holding the reigns which guide them. In other words, too many people don't take responsibility for themselves. I have often pondered what being an "adult" really means. I have decided that it means not turning 18, or getting a job, or even moving out or starting college, but taking responsibility for yourself. It is when you become mentally self reliant and stop needing constant validation from others to prop you up. It is when you decide to stop spewing your negativity all over other people when you are frustrated, because you realize that your problems are yours to deal with(this doesn't mean we shouldn't all vent every once in a while), and you don't need to bring others down to your level. We all have this potential within ourselves but we often forgo it.

To become aware of the multitude of choices we face each day; (deciding how we will react, the choice to hold onto anger, the choice to make things either hard or easy on ourselves), is to experience freedom. How hard are you on yourself? One thing I have noticed about myself and multiple others is that though we may treat others with great respect, listen to them, and encourage them, we belittle and punish ourselves. Why shouldn't we treat ourselves with at least an equal amount of respect as our closest friends? Would you tell a friend of yours who just confided in you that they are probably going to fail, because they have so many times before? Or that they should just keep quiet or give up to avoid embarrassment? Hopefully not. A great challenge to give yourself is only allowing your mental dialogue to stay in as respectful of a zone as a conversation with your best friend would. We are human just as they are and though we may have to live with past choices we regret, this doesn't make us any less worthy of respect and understanding. Learn to let go of regret. Stop reliving painful scenarios and agonizing "what-ifs". Develop an ever present awareness so that when you get stuck in a circular mode of thinking, you can realize how pointless it is and snap the hell out of it!

Wake up to the choices, they are present in every single moment. It is never too late to start changing. Every breath shapes who you will be. Quit your negative tirades and realize that this is your life! The one and only. Accept nothing but the best! Give nothing but the best. It's too short to half ass your way through it. Your external actions and demeanor reflect your inner-self... What vibe are you giving off? One of confidence and joy or one of self hatred and insecurity? Humans are impressionable. Every single interaction, no matter how seemingly miniscule or insignificant, affects you. Ever noticed that coming into even brief contact with a joyful person leaves you feeling a bit joyful yourself? Ever sit in a room with an emotional vampire who literally seemed to suck the life out of everyone within a 10 foot radius?

We are all inter-connected, affecting each other without even realizing it half the time. Any idea you currently hold is just another version of an idea someone else had, or the combination of ideas that already existed. We all influence each other. Take the time to shape yourself into something good, something inspiring. Take the time to get to know yourself. Question your beliefs and how they got there. Ask people questions. Stop worrying about how stupid you look; if anything the only thing making you look dumb is your hesitation and self doubt. Life doesn't wait for self doubters. There are plenty of vibrant people out there spreading happiness and taking advantage of all of the opportunities they are presented with because they look for them. Which type of person would you rather be?