Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sense your surroundings.

If ever you must despair on life's paradoxical behalf,
Glimpse the crisp air,
Breathe in the essence of trees, barren or blooming,
Churn in the cycle and vibe the transition
Rain or shine
Comforting warmth or bitter frigidity, thus is existence
and you are it.


What is this nameless and indescribably enveloping void? Holding a gaze can be uncomfortable or magnetic. You can't look but you can't look away. You will miss something if you do but if you don't the spring of your tension gets twisted and twisted until...? What is this imminent and unknown threat and what would happen if we decided to transcend it?
Would we actually see each other?
Is the thought of that too much to bear?
The thought of being bare,
of removing our masks and "protective" eye wear.

Perhaps something so familiar is also an unfamiliar and a never ending opportunity to lose yourself and find yourself at once.
Simultaneously expressing your individuality and your connection to the whole.
The windows to the soul.

Friday, March 16, 2012


We all think things and don't say them.

We omit thoughts and feelings yet get angry or disappointed when our expectations are not fulfilled.

We are afraid people will not understand certain parts of us yet we haven't bared them or only do so once every blue or purple moon.

It's easy to forget that everyone processes information differently, and because of this we tend to hold others to our personal standards and reasoning.
Banish preconceived notions, because with them, you will see everything as confirming your existing model of the world.

Seeing is believing? No, believing is seeing.