Monday, July 15, 2013


I spent literally the entire day yesterday playing music. I learned a couple favorite songs of mine to cover, and also wrote my first song with lyrics, on piano. After talking to a friend today I pieced together the fact that that creative outpouring was at least partly(but I suspect greatly) spurred by not being online at all the 2 days prior to that. As Terrence McKenna has said before (and I have a new appreciation now for this quote): "Stop consuming images and start producing them."

I've been meaning to start going online less. I walk into work every day with the intention of reading a book or drawing or doing something other than surfing the internet for the entire 8 hours, but have yet to do it. Well, watching my creativity, and as a logical result, my happiness skyrocket due to abstinence, only reinforces that.

I always thought I couldn't write lyrics and proved myself wrong. Writing songs is a whole new awesome level of writing because you don't want to be too wordy. Brevity is a virtue when it comes to lyrics, in my opinion. Here's another song I just wrote that I'll be putting music to some time in the near future:

They say lack of expression is a slow death,
So with that in mind, let's explore our depth.

I'll plunge into the divine sea of me,
and extract potential we all can be.

You don't have to strive or work or yearn,
just let the embers of your passion burn.

Don't be dismayed if you happen to catch fire,
Ashy remains fertilize the pyre.

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