Thursday, July 11, 2013

Strength in Vulnerability

People who have made peace with their inner being and choose a path of openness and frank vulnerability get hurt less than those who guard their heart.

This may sound counterintuitive at first glace, but it's the same reason why the drunk passengers seem to break less bones than their sober companions when hitting trees or other cars. Rather than seizing up their muscles at the impact of collision/conflict, they relax into the motions, however chaotic. I'm not saying you should drunkenly stumble through life, but that relaxing into the motions of life will leave you less battered than resisting them.

Once you've decided to accept yourself, and learn how to look at your own thoughts and fears and emotions with utter honesty and openness, how can external influences disrupt your inner flow and peace? You can sit in the eye of the storm, find your anchor via breath, make friends with the real You that resides beneath whatever mental phantoms your mind happens to be generating at any given moment. This tie to the divine is omnipresent and always available to us. Like any other art form, accessing it must be practiced. Like the breath, it's there consistently, just waiting to be noticed and basked in.

Don't cling and it's all yours. Intentions block opportunity to experience wholeness and direct naked experience. Give up the compulsive need to define everything, especially yourself. Once you allow yourself to be free of labels and definitions, you can allow others a safe space to be who they are. Nothing they say can hurt you, and no generalizations can touch you because you'll know you are beyond that. We must learn the art of mental silence, and joyfully cultivate an appreciation for existence as it is outside of our limited concepts.
All hail broken soliloquies
Fragmented sparks and eerie melodies
What did I come here to interpret and glean?
Labeling reality now seems obscene!

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