Thursday, September 12, 2013


There is a glutton for experience within, greedily assessing the value or appearance of everything, always needing to be right, and ashamed and embarrassed when incorrect.

There is a glutton for experience within, who sees nothing as worthwhile that does not lead to bigger and better things or an enhanced sense of self. Easily bored, always looking back or waiting, constantly plagued by a vague feeling of unease.

There's an inner glutton who is always imagining ways things could have gone better, always seeking to feel this way or that, wanting to impress or astound others, obsessing over other people's opinions. You can tell when this entity is present behind someone's eyes because they do not see you. They are too busy rehearsing, reviewing, planning, searching, never satisfied, always hungry like a bottomless pit, even with a decadent feast sitting in front of them.

Starve the glutton within yourself and become free.

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