Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Recent travels and lessons.

            A few days ago I got back from a week long California trip. We literally got off the flight, got home at 9pm, went out with some friends(one who was passing through our city on her way to Colorado) and spontaneously decided to drive 8 hours to Denver the following Friday morning. I was already stuffed to the brim with new experiences and just wanted to rest at home and practice cello having missed an entire week of practice, but my boyfriend was so excited about the idea that I agreed to it.

Once I got there I didn't regret it at all...

There are quite a few lessons and realizations I've gleaned from that entire travelling experience. Upon arriving home from the separate Colorado trip, I started coming down with the flu. This is the result of not sleeping enough while being away from home, and starting to get careless about what I put into my body during the second half of the trip. I knew I needed some rest after California but I pressed on anyway, and I paid for it.

When we returned Sunday, I spent the entire day in bed sleeping with my significant other bringing me minced garlic to swallow, raw honey, and vegetable broth to drink, in between the sleep. My body forced me to rest and get some nutrients in me since I had pretty much been neglecting to do so. The intelligence of the body is truly astounding and if you neglect to take care of it, it will force you to rest.

In California, I had a falling out with a really close friend of mine. Close enough to have matching symbol tattoos signifying our friendship. Though she was rude to me and rude to Luke one of the nights over a petty incident, that isn't the main reason here. I've felt it coming on for a while.
When we would talk on the phone after 6 months of not hearing each other's voices. I would be sitting in my backyard pondering or writing about something, have her call me, voice various concerns going on in her life, and realize that we have a lot less in common than we used to. My concerns are different, what I want to focus on is different, the way I view life and myself is different, to the point of clashing. I suspected all of this and only had it confirmed and solidified after spending a couple days with her. So the lesson there is a tried and true one that many people know, people change and grow apart. Sometimes it's more painful to stay in a relationship/friendship than it is to part ways.

Returning from this trip and getting back to my trusty work desk, where I currently write this entry from, I've come to the conclusion that after being in new places for a while and returning to your old life, it's the perfect time to discard old habits or acquire new ones. Basically it's a good time to start fresh and decide who you want to be, because you've been taken out of your routine.

Another lesson, will power and risk gets you places.

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