Sunday, May 18, 2014

4:03am night audit

On the midnight drive to work,
I noticed that the streetlights are jealous of the moon's orange glow.
it stopped me in my mental tracks, froze me with its presence as it always does

My caffeine come down crisscrossed Midwestern time zones in an empty lobby.
exhaustion and laundry went hand in hand,
along with overflowing decaf and mopping up grounds

the missing wallet and its lookalike in a convenience store parking lot
were overseen by someone who wanted to ignore

he sat idling and I drove away wondering.

I see a beach ball floating in a pool on black and white film,
this sounds like some crazy surreal dream but it is cold hard fact, I'm looking at it now.

my lover searched for a missing dog and said her name on the phone
at the very moment I saw that same name on an envelope taped to the desk beside me
what is reality and how do these things align?
is this a poem or just a description of my strange strange night
I can't even tell if this makes sense or if its in the right tense(s)

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