Sunday, May 11, 2014

crazy experience.

I have(or had) this really interesting friend named S. He talks about off the wall things, he tries to burst clouds with his mind, he shoots energy out of his fingers at you to attempt to make you do small things like close your hand into a fist, and succeeds.

One day he was confiding in me about a terrible experience that had all of his friends on guard about him. Him and some friends all took some lsd at an apartment. He only had one hit and a reasonably high tolerance, being a seasoned pro at psychedelic substances.
What happened was he started feeling taken over by something, something in his stomach trying to force its way out was the way he described it. He blacked out and came to some hours later to all of his friends completely terrified of him. A female friend of his that he describes as very tough was scared of him. They described the evening to him and said he started going crazy, trying to hurt and attack everyone there. One of his friends had to hit him over the head with a pool ball. They all had to hold him down. He woke up having zero recollection of the night's events.

He was in an extremely dark place after all of this happened, thinking he may have lost his friends and essentially saying he feels a dark energy clinging to him ever since.

I am very open to any possibility of energies, spirits, and what have you. Pretty much I think anything is possible, yet I make no assumptions.

A few nights later I was at a house with a group of friends and a really friendly dog that was playing with everyone there. There was a knock on the door and S came in, and the dog immediately started growling and barking, seeming torn between attacking S and running away from him. The dog was so distraught that everyone in the room froze, aware of the tension and awkwardness in the room. S kneeled down to talk to the dog saying "it's me Enzo, come on, you know me, what's wrong buddy?"

What the hell was that?

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