Wednesday, October 22, 2014

day one in phoenix

Could I handle my own mirror image? So far it's been like staring into a very bright light. Consistent exposure may be like direct sunbeams hitting my eyes and result in blindness or at the very least, over-stimulation. The mere thought of consistent exposure makes me feel like I may split into pieces.

I marvel at and crave being understood; at the ability to bare my soul without fear or shame because I know the ears upon which it falls already know, already get it, have already been there. I want to hear all your stories.

Is this just a way of striving to confirm my own existence? What is my motive here? Sometimes I struggle to comprehend it and at other times I just ride the wave and marvel at the experience, the magnet, the synchronicity. You. Show me your voice. What is deepest within you? I will sit in awe even at clumsy misrepresentations of this. Maybe it is completely selfish, maybe I do think too much, maybe I don't need to figure this out in any way but by letting it unfold naturally, however much I might prefer to let it enfold me like an all encompassing wave.

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