Sunday, April 5, 2015

today at work.

The slow season is back at my work. I was sitting here up behind the front desk when a very skinny young woman walked up to the desk, with bright red marks all over her face. I recognized the marks, people who have been up on meth for a long time have them from picking at their face. She was really pretty aside from these self induced blemishes. Her hair was wet and she looked positively freaked the fuck out. She said there were bugs in her room, all over the place, and that they were crawling on her. She was pacing relentlessly, and said she didn't want to stay in that room anymore and asked us if we could send someone to get her stuff out of the room so she could leave, then she walked off down the hall. I was 98% sure there were no bugs, and that they existed solely in her under-rested and over-drugged mind.

We tried paging the maintenance guy, he had already left, so we put the "be back in 5 minutes" sign on the desk and went to help her get her stuff out of the room, accompanied by the head housekeeper.

 When we knocked on the door no one answered so we used the master key to get in, and heard the shower running. We opened the door and saw the entire room was full of steam from the hot shower, and water was covering the bathroom tiles and seeping out onto the carpet. She walked up behind us at that moment and we were completely stunned. The housekeeper said, "charge her card for this damage! She's crazy!" and the girl kept saying "I need to get out of here, do you see all these bugs?!" and started grabbing her few belongings. "I need to get out of here, and get rid of these bugs, the bugs in my mind", and laughed crazily.

I walked into the room to try to help her get the rest of her things, handing her an inside-out black T-shirt on the ground. I saw a pretty nice looking smart phone sitting on the bedside table, that was completely taken apart.

She grabbed everything and we exited the room. The other desk girl and house keeper walked off down the hall and she went the opposite direction, so I walked alongside her, wanting to help her in some way. I asked her if she had anyone she could call. She said she could call her boyfriend, as soon as she put her phone back together, she had taken it apart to try to get the bugs out you see. I offered to call her boyfriend for her on my phone, but she said she'd figure it out and left the building to go sit next to a guy at the bus stop across the way. A few minutes later I looked outside and she was gone.

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