Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2017 Goals and Ideas

Life lately is pretty simple and straightforward. I work, spend a lot of time online, started playing guitar again, and hang out with my lover. I quit smoking recently and life feels a million times better than it has in so, so long. That nasty addiction affected so many more things in my life than I realized or even wanted to consider. I feel free now! This will be a great foundation for starting other healthy habits, like exercising more.

I am looking forward to the holiday season, being around those lovely Swedes again and the nearly constant darkness and snow. There are so many stories and ideas I want to write. I also have great plans and hopes for the year that will follow. When I look back on my goals from about this time last year, I achieved a few of them, which is great. So I am going to record my hopes for this coming year, too.

Publish my writing on Amazon and have an income stream from that.

Start a blog on motivation and mind/body/creativity hacks.

Travel to Mexico and South America.

Swim in the ocean a lot more.

Learn a skill like content marketing or SEO.

Spend more time with loved ones.

Spend more time with animals.

Visit a meditation retreat and meditate every day.

Become fluent in Swedish.

Paint a lot more.

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