Tuesday, February 16, 2016

In Motion Again Soon

I am currently in Sweden, and have been here for the past two months.

Tomorrow, my travel partner and I are flying to Britain to stay for two months. We will be living in a hostel in London for the first week. Thankfully, we have ear plugs this time (the best thing you can get for hostel living, as learned through hard earned experience).

Big cities make me a bit nervous, but it will be a cool experience.

Since I started traveling in May of last year, I have visited six countries. They were France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, and Sweden. I have grown accustomed to hearing the people around me always speaking a different language. It will be surreal to be somewhere where I can hear conversations around me and understand them again. Oddly enough I miss eavesdropping, hearing the funny or interesting stuff people say to each other, and knowing that I can walk up to almost any random stranger and strike up a conversation. It was something I never appreciated until I visited non-English speaking countries.

Hearing different languages around me has been amazing too, and I will definitely miss hearing Swedish every day. I love this language... Still working on learning it but I understand a lot more than I did a couple months ago.

It's been really nice to be somewhere calm for a while, and to take a break from always going from place to place, big cities, and lots of people. I experienced that for a bit when we went to Stockholm (a great place by the way), but for the most part, we've been in a small and very quiet village.

London should be quite a shock, and I'm pretty excited to see it. After London we will be flying to Romania in April, to stay near Transylvania and visit the supposedly haunted forest, Hoia Baciu (which I plan to photograph extensively!) I have seen amazing pictures of the place on the internet here and there for some years now, and it's unbelievable to know that I will actually physically be there not too long from now.

Since I began my adventures last year, it has been a huge goal of mind to find a job I can perform while traveling. In fact it's been my only real concrete goal. I have finally found something! I am officially a freelance writer. This has always been a lofty dream of mine, one that I thought I might have a shot at accomplishing some distant day in the future.
Anxiety about money pushed me to pursue opportunities just for the hell of it, and I started seeking out craigslist writing gigs and sending out lots of applications each day. I honestly did not expect that anything would come from it given the fact that I have almost no experience writing officially.

I've been shocked, in the best way possible, by how well it has worked out. I feel an immense freedom as the result of this opportunity, to the degree of almost being frightened (in a good way) at the possibilities that lie ahead. I am definitely feeling the dizziness of freedom lately.

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