Friday, October 31, 2014


I have a less than glamorous job right now (arguably one of the worst) but future plans are keeping me motivated and it's helping me learn to make a fun game out of tedious things. It's a good opportunity to learn to maintain peace of mind and optimism in any situation. I don't have any in person friends where I live but I am not here to make friends.

I am learning to enjoy my aloneness. I am getting extremely patient; balancing that and excitement for what's to come. I am learning to live simply and appreciate the little things that I never bothered to notice before. I am learning to accept anxiety and let it pass through me rather than cling to it and let it shake me up.

Listening to music from older times helps to remind me of the impermanence of everything. This job, this dwelling place, the desert. Everything! My body is decaying as I type and that exhilarates me beyond description.

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