Friday, April 8, 2016

April 9th, very early morning.

I came upon some information recently about the importance of creative output. You must make a lot of whatever it is you make, and not all of it will be good. This is how masterpieces happen. Not like I'm expecting to form a masterpiece on this blog, but this idea inspired me to start writing more on here.

Recently, I was reading over some journal entries from the past year and was surprised at how interesting some of my ideas were. These were things that I had forgotten all about, that I just jotted down to ease my own mind, to work out some personal conundrums or just to reflect. Often times my journal entries start with, "I have no idea what to write..." and then end up trailing off into something entirely different. Once I get started, I'm often shocked at how much flows out, and when I go over it later, some of it is good stuff.

We don't see it at the time, when we are having these thoughts or ideas, and we especially can't ever see it unless we record it somehow or share it with others. I think I (and people in general) could benefit from recording their thoughts more often, if only to review them later on and never show them to another person.

How many times have you seen someone say something extremely intelligent or make something beautiful and compliment them, only to have them react in a surprised or doubtful way?
We're not aware of our own creativity. We downplay it, or ignore the ideas when they come, not even noticing anything significant about them. I think the truly innovative thinkers are the ones who aren't afraid of saying something dumb or creating something unoriginal.

It's just a matter of having enough self respect to allow your ideas to come to some type of fruition, even if that just means saying or writing them.

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