Friday, September 5, 2014


I don't think all dreams are worth recording or bothering to interpret, but I just woke up from one that is significant and revealing. I was playing a game with 3 friends but paying particular attention to one, at least inwardly, who I feel more kinship with than most others.
At some point during or after the game he started discussing a personal goal in a project concerning environmental science or biology, and suddenly we were at the site of the project, outside near a forested area with trails and a good amount of people. I followed him around as he spoke with fellow project members about it, ignoring me all the while. I listened as he was told that he did something wrong and was kicked off the team. He was hurt and disappointed, and I wanted him to turn to me for help or comfort but he didn't.
Frustrated that I could not be a source of support, I started wandering down a path with patches of thick dark forested areas that became more and more frequent. There were people walking up ahead of, as well as behind me, but I knew none of them and was afraid of the approaching darkness. I turned back and couldn't find my friend; he had left me there. While walking off the site I passed some bleachers filled with old high school classmates(acquaintances rather than friends) posing for a photo of some kind. I kept walking.

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