Saturday, November 29, 2014

Journal entry from 10-7

I'm exploring bodies and touch, mistaking that for a road map that leads to my soul.
When all is said and done, I know what the inside of your mouth tastes like but still lack knowledge of my spirit's flavor. Yes I'm fulfilling my base desires, but they are just that; base. Fun, sexy, and mostly empty.
I find myself longing for a connection where we understand one another without explanation but what that desire really is, is a manifestation of my neglect to know myself that way.

Creating is what makes me sane and makes me me and helps me breathe.
-Writing is my lifeboat.
-Singing is my soul in sound.
-Painting is my flowing id.
-The hoop is my centering motion

Get over your fear of self love, even if you have to do that by telling yourself it will help you love others better and more genuinely. I have so many overwhelming feelings, but that is why I'm an artist in so many senses of the word. The trick is to learn how to channel all of that energy into a focal point... otherwise train wrecks shall ensue.

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