Sunday, December 21, 2014

Though at first the uncertainty of my future scared the living daylights out of me, I am now exhilarated by not knowing what's to come. I never really knew anyway but now even the illusion of having some idea has been shattered.

I think I may go to France!

I really like my job and the opportunities it gives me to brighten people's days. For the first time I'm working and not staring at the clock the entire time waiting to be off.

I like the slow unfolding of the unknown however frustrating it can be at times

I am choosing to be empowered by this rather than dismantled. I'm giving everything space to breathe, including myself. I am getting out of the habit of feeling like I need to share things to validate them. There are too many potential connections out there to get hung up on the possible loss of one. Fuck it!

I'm not sure if I believe that the cosmos or planets have any direct effect on our states of mind but the fact that this is coinciding with the equinox is cool and metaphorically significant if nothing else.

All of the ideas I had about myself are changing. I feel limitless and here and now, finally growing roots deep within myself for the first time ever. I'm learning that everything passes however devastating it feels in the moment.... It just continues to shift and throw surprises at me and I'm excited to see what comes next even if I am scared at the same time.


  1. Go! Escape! I myself went to Tonga for a year. Run wild child. run.